Reflection:Global Citizen

After reading the article, please post a reflection response to these questions in the team blog:
How are you feeling since our return to the states? 
I have felt inspired since I have been back in the states. Our experience in Quito and Otavalo have shaped how I view my relationships with people and the importance of giving to others. When I did the interview with United Planet about my experience, I felt myself getting choked up just thinking about all the wonderful memories I made and the impact Quito had on me. It didn’t really hit me until that moment because I have gotten so involved with the hustle and bustle of my life.  I actually settled into my routine and didn’t think much about the children there unless someone asked about the experience. The lessons I learned from Quito (being positive, selflessness, servitude, patience, etc.) however, have stuck with me since the trip and have become a part of my lifestyle.
My little bud from Ecuador who is on my desktop. :)

My little bud from Ecuador who is on my desktop. 🙂

Does anything from the article strike you or relate to our CHANGE Break experience?  Why?
It was a great article. The part that impacted me the most was the line “the lottery of birth.” This phrase stood out to me because I thought about my life that I have been given in the United States and that of the children we served. I did learn that even though we live on different continents, we each face some of the same trials whether it be ‘color-ism’, issues with the economy, education, healthcare… it’s all the same in some way. I view the lottery as the opportunities I have with being an American citizen and coming from a middle class family who supports me. I have been given so much, and I have taken a lot of it for granted. For example, the children in Otavalo may not have the same opportunities as I did because of their environment. The school we taught at didn’t have much organization or enough teachers for the amount of students in the school. But they make it work! They did what they could with what they had and even gave what little they did have to us when we came just to serve them. I learned that there is no excuse for not making time to give back to others when so many people in the world use what “little” they have to help their community.  I’m excited to start my graduate program and share this principle with the new freshman class of 2018. I hope they recognize issues in the community and are inspired to change them. #dontforgetguanabana

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