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It’s the final countdown…

Maybe that title was a little extreme but it’s the truth! We are all so very excited that the trip that we have been preparing for all semester is ONLY 19 more day away! Wooohooo!


What exactly am I thinking about before I embark on this journey to Ecuador? Well this may be a little nerdy (I can’t help myself) but let us look to the words of the one hit wonder- “The Final Countdown.”

“We’re leaving together,
But still it’s farewell
And maybe we’ll come back,
To earth, who can tell ?
I guess there is no one to blame
We’re leaving ground
Will things ever be the same again?”

I doubt that Europe was singing about a volunteer trip to Ecuador but it does have it’s similarities! These lyrics bring back the pressing questions that I ask myself every day- will Ecuador have so many amazing opportunities that we won’t ever want to leave and when we finally do come back, will we be the same person who left the U.S.?

We had a guest speaker come and speak to us and she just blew us away with all of the opportunities available to us while in Ecuador. In one direction there are tall, snowy mountains, in another direction there is the rain forest with the most exotic and colorful creatures that you have ever seen and then you have the city life as well as the access to the Galapagos Islands. Besides the varying geography, the thing I look forward to the most is the fresh produce that will be available to us! Little bananas the size of my pinky nail and engineered fruit that combines a strawberry and banana! Don’t worry, I won’t forget my yogurt drops, I’ll make sure that I stay healthy enough to experience it all!

Speaking of experiencing everything while we are there… I really wonder how much this trip will have an affect on me. I have been on mission trips before and they leave you with so much gratitude but after awhile you assimilate back into your daily routine and it all goes away. I am excited to go on this trip and have those reminders again. I am excited to find things that we feel that they lack (such as air conditioning) just aren’t really a priority to them because they would rather focus on their need of education or unemployment. It really puts into perspective how much we take for granted that isn’t even necessary to our daily lives.


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