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Before Departure: Kalena

Do you think you’ll be enacting real change?

After everything we’ve discussed in our meetings, especially the danger of a “single story” about people, I’m going to have to say no…and yes.  I don’t think that whatever I do in Ecuador will be changing anyone’s life, because I’m just one volunteer on one service trip.  I hope that our efforts will have at least the smallest impact on a child’s happiness, but real change?  Real change, I think, will be what will happen with me.  I’ve volunteered on many service projects and done lots of “community service” but I have never really reflected much on it until CHANGE Break.  Our meetings have forced me to look at myself as a volunteer and as a servant, and examine my true motivations.

Honestly, I feel that the fact that we can look at our trip and say, “yeah, we won’t be changing the world” makes CHANGE Break that more important.  We shouldn’t want to change the whole world while we’re in Quito, Ecuador!  We should instead focus on individuals, learning about them and doing whatever we can (however miniscule in the long run) to improve their lives.


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